Video Premiere Partholon

Partholón - Pillars


This premiere is not only a wonderful tale of loyalty and keeping promises but one for an awesome band releasing on amazing labels and, last but not least, additionally it is a premiere for a mindblowing track somewhere between Progressive Post-Metal and highly melodic Sludge: stick it in your (pointy) ears - Partholón will go far with this record and we are happy to give you “Pillars”!

Let’s take a moment and talk a little bit about the “music business” - whenever we here in our little Veil of Sound bubble are approached by a band to do an exclusive premiere, we try to take the time and listen to the track and then assess whether it’s something for us or not. Sometimes we do not need to listen because we know the band already and are happy and proud to do it. A few times though, for various reasons, the premieres do not happen even though we agreed to do it. With this track it was an easy yes, because we really like Partholón and their sound - easy thing. That was back in November 2023, then one of our fave labels wanted to get the band (fortunately MoC did!) and the whole thing was laid to rest. The band told us they’d definitely go ahead with premiering via VoS but you know, little me was sceptic BUT a few weeks ago, the guys kept their promise and here we are! Why am I telling you this? Well, because I think loyalty and sticking to promises and ideas is underrated in our modern day and age - and these guys just showed class all the way.

Now, what will await you after the wonderful swelling, atmospheric intro to “Pillars”? You will get an amazing track, incorporating mighty interesting bass lines (somewhere between Sludge and Industrial)! Great vocal parts right on the thin red line between Hardcore vocals (sometimes even gang shouts!) and “clean but crisp” melodies!! A lot of guitar depth that shows the guys can riff it out, but also play with intricate details!!! Most important though: You get the first track to a record that does not cease to amaze and that should put these guys at the top of the European Post-Metal/Sludge scene, because they can be Progressive without any kind of mockery - there is not an ounce of arrogance in this track but pure honesty. The record is calm and soothing at times, but then again, it is raging and wild. Seemingly easy and simple, but on the other hand it can be really forward-thinking and nuanced. “Pillars” is the middle track of the forthcoming record, which will remain underneath the needle of your record player for a long time!

The record will be out next week Friday, July 5th, so mark your calendars for it! You can order it from Ripcord Records, Moment of Collapse (both for the vinyls) and Fiadh Productions (for vinyl and tape) and of course from the band’s Bandcamp as well!