Erei Cross - Live Session Part 1

09 May 2023 - Thorsten


Growing up in the 80s and getting into good and real music around 1990/1991 brought along a certain knack for melodies disguised under the soundscapes of Alternative Rock - and when there is a band which combines many of the elements of our beloved MTV Alternative Nation moshers, then that makes my little Corgi ears stand up as pointy as Spock’s!

I am going to reference the bands the founding members of Erei Cross are known for but rather give an idea of their sound-verse by referencing some things: Imagine the dark softness of PJ Harvey, the funkiness of some of the late 70s bands or the crunching deep bass of some poppier RATM moments, the dark theatricality of A Perfect Circle (or VAST, if you prefer the better version of APC, imo), some of the elevating parts of The Gathering and much more. Erei Cross released their new album The Widow and the Others via Klonosphere on Friday, May 5th and now they gave us the opportunity to present a live session of some of the songs here on VoS. Enjoy!