Song_premiere Kostnateni Rukojmí_empatie

Kostnatění - Rukojmí Empatie


A track that takes your imagination hostage from the first riff onwards is likely to stick around for some time - that is what “Rukojmí Empatie” did to my ears. There is a certain line within the guitar work that just won’t let go. Maybe you also want to catch an earworm with hooks?

There is something in that web of overlapping guitar riffs and lines that works like a perfect hook and sinker. There is the rage that is a common denominator for the Death-infused Black Metal that anonymous D.L. plays, but on top of that there is that one cascading line within that web that grabs your arm and mercilessly pulls you up into the spiderweb that is. It reminds me somehow of Tinariwen and their somewhat hollow Maghrebian or rather Sub-Saharan Psych-Rock. Highly repetitive, very addictive and likely not to leave your ears for a while. A standout track on an already really good record, that is the relation between this track and Úpal, released via Willowtip at the end of May and open for pre-order via the label’s webstore. Oh, by the way, the track titles are all in Czech and guess the meaning of “Rukojmí Empatie” - “Hostage of Empathy”. Perfect description.