Video_premiere Communion

Strommorts & Eeli Helin - Communion - Abstract Music for Structural Minds


There is background music and there is background music. Background music in the sense of Easy Listening or in the sense of “it comes out of the background and slowy pushes everything else into it once you have understood that you need to listen.” Today’s record premiere surely belongs into that second category. Enjoy the new collaboration between Strommorts and Eeli Helin.

Drone or Dark Ambient is the kind of music that usually slowly creeps up on you from behind and then grabs you by the throat without you even noticing it. Slowly turning your attention away from everything else, it will take a hold of your braincells and/or heart beat. This record does both - it will scrape the inside of your head with its slight dissonances and make your feet move in this kind of disruptive rhythm that makes these songs special. We are happy to have this premiere for you, so listen carefully and if you want to, Communion can be ordered here - but say we didn’t warn you about the forces at play here!