Song Premiere Vorare

Vorare - Vacuous


More or less 200 seconds that are pumped full of everything synths and modulators, drones and beats can procure - that is Vorare’s new single “Vacuous” which we have for you today. Post-Punk beats meet Black Metal scream countered by some vibrating oscillating Drones and all garnished with a pretty chaotic Noise soundscape - et voila! Enjoy our latest premiere right here, right now.

This year, Finnish duo Vorare will basically double the size of its discography within a week. Next week, May 24, they will unleash Atelier onto the world and one week later, May 31, their split collab with Earthflesh will be thrown into our midst. How you perceive this news is up to you, but be sure that anything these two guys get their hands on and into, everything is done with an unrivalled dedication for the process and the result and an utmost respect for the sounds created by their hands. Sometimes the Industrial-charged Death Drone that lies at the end of said process can be overwhelming for both members of Vorare. That might also be part of the reason why they had to lay the songs for the new record Atelier aside for near-two years, in order to be able to get back to them once they felt the time had come.

And that time is now - and “Vacuous” is the second track we can hear from the upcoming third Vorare release (you can find the other one on Bandcamp). There is some stoicism in the beats that is countered with some vibrating sounds lashing out at us like one of those flash-crystal globes from back in the day, remember? The ones with the violet-blue electric charges that hit the crystal globe and made us feel like we were the only ones truly “in the know” (we were not for that matter). However, the two guys here really know what they are doing and man, that is awesome. This track really makes me want to move my feet and bang my head. Comparisons are hard to find, but there is definitely something Pretty Hate Machine-ish in there. At least for me. This track is highly accessible without ingratiating itself - only the best tracks are able to do that simultaneously. The pumping beats and the well-delivered vocals are such a strong contrast that the charges might be a result of these opposite poles!

The record will be out next week Friday, May 24, and you can already get your pre-order up here on their Bandcamp account. In order “to soothe my jangled nerves” (hmmm who says that sentence in the world’s greatest TV show ever?), why not use a blackened Drone scalpel and clean it out? Enjoy “Vacuous”!