Video Premiere Mountainscape

Mountainscape - Irisdescent (live)


The Scrivener-lads are back it again with the help of bass player Ethan they released their new record Iridescent yesterday and we are more than happy to present you the session for the title track right here before you can go chat with the guys on Facebook during a live Q&A! Enjoy!

The five songs on the new record once again showcase the skills that Dan on guitar, his brother James on the drums and Ethan on the bass have acquired and honed over the last couple of years. The record is strikingly good when it comes to creating build-ups and crescendos, weaving in some ether-like ambience and then again crushing it with some really heavy riffs. This is Post-Metal at its best, done by guys who know what they want and one of these things is surely sound - because they are evolving into ever-better sound artists, tuning their instruments to perfection. Thus, Irisdescent also sounds like a big leap for a band that already had awe-inducing productions before; surely they will thank Tom Dring for bringing out the best of the intricate arrangements, which definitely is not an easy task if you do not want to play the “volume game”, but want to rely on finely chiseled spaces in elegantly hewn rocks! That brings us to the last notion that every Mountainscape-record bears for me, the idea of climbing the Paramount Pictures-mountain in the middle of the aurora borealis. Elegance and strength. Carry on like that fellows, please!

The record will be out via Celestial Diadem Records and can be ordered from Mountainscape’s Bandcamp. So now enjoy this premiere and remember that there is a live Q&A on their FB account at about 7.10pm (British time, that is) where you can ask the band anything you want, but please do not talk about panties. Who knows what might happen!?