Song Premiere Million_moons

Million Moons - Uncharted Waters


Million Moons is a London based Post-Rock band that aims to tell stories through emotional and cinematic spheric Post-Rock as their debut Gap in the Clouds showed us in 2022. That was a brave musical take on something that affects many of us, Alzheimer´s.

Their new album I May Be Some Time, out July 5h on Ripcord Records, takes inspiration from the ill-fated expedition of Robert F. Scott to win the race to be the first to reach the South Pole, but losing to the Norwegian Amundsen while Scott and his men froze to death on their return.

Here at Veil of Sound, we are delighted to be able to premiere the third song from their upcoming album. ”Uncharted Waters” demonstrates a Post-Rock band at full maturity mixing dark and light sounds, rising crescendos, and vast placid parts which this song exquisitely displays.

It opens with energetic and epic outbursts that lift the sonics and give the sense that you are on the outlook post on a ship venturing into said unchartered waters. The drums push for the immense drive to the cinematic music held by high-pitched and distorted guitars, and rising and sinking melodic synths. After a tight moment, the music simmers down to a glimmering vivid part with layered synths, guitars, and piano before the drums call them all back to partake on an elongated melodic crescendo giving the sense of excitement and yearning the explorers must have felt as they approached the ice-covered wilderness.

The pre-orders for the record are already up on the Ripcord Records’ BC site. and some of you might be headed there after listening to this song!