Song_premiere Mairu

Mairu - Atar


A strong, dark rumbling like a crossover of Industrial Godzilla and Aboriginal RoboCop - the strong foreboding intro to this new track by Mairu is more than promising - it is like another proof why the British Post-whatever-scene is one of the most vibrant at the moment.And Mairu are one of the many beating hearts in the middle of that vibrancy tornado! Enjoy “Atar”

Sol Cultus is a mighty record, one you shouldn’t miss when you like your Post-Metal atmospheric and your Sludge a bit more on the technical side. “Atar” itself is a great example for it combines the harshest of Himalayan Walls of Sound with a good feeling for the Industrial tinges of the Mid-English kingdom of Rust that was once the throbbing heart of the global Empire. It feels like you had channelled those sounds that are a little rough around the edges into the foundations of their miracle brew. Your set-up needs a little cleaning? Just tune in to “Atar” crank it up to 12 and watch those tiny flakes fall from your speaker!

You can also order your copy of Sol Cultus via Trepanation Recordings or via the band’s own BC page and blimey, isn’t that - so what’cha waiting for?!