Song_premiere A_reason_to_travel

A Reason To Travel - Dust Wanderer


A Reason To Travel was one of those underground tips for people who already have fallen in love with Post-Rock many, many moons ago, but still search a brand new song to fan the flames of pure content. And on the upcoming album we find that this project makes the next step out of the underground’s shadow and into the light! Their newest single is presented here by us today, so enjoy the “Dust Wanderer”!

One cannot praise this project enough for all its openness, many brilliant and different soundscapes and the wish to do something new. Now imagine some of the slightly heavy, Doomjazzy elements of Bohren & Der Club Of Gore mixed with some intriguingly interwoven bits of field recordings and a fantastic feel for vast sound-landscapes in the sense of Sigur Rós. Too much of an appraisal that no one can fulfill? Well, just listen to “Dust Wanderer”, fall in love with the soundscapes to a Scandinavian Winter western movie and set your timer for Friday, February 3rd, when the whole record is published via ARTT’s Bandcamp page where you can also pre-order the record!