Adam Zejma - Rusher Cutting, For Keji

08 Jan 2023 - Thorsten


A few months ago, we were taken by surprise by a little, mostly overlooked release by a small Northern England-based label called Utility Tapes. The record was Salt Pig’s The Chalk Circle and of course we couldn’t say “No”, when the label asked us if we wanted to do a premiere for their next release. So we are happy to give you Adam Zejnm’s Rusher Cutting, For Keji!

Utility Tapes might never become the most popular label on the planet - their roster full of Experimental Electronica and Post-Rock is too much of a niche product for that. However, do not underestimate their releases. One might hear some industrial EBM on this record, or some ambient Rock elements as well. The production level of these new songs is really high and mighty which is also important for such music because only a HQ audio production can purvey the little details that make it all interesting. However, without much further ado, enjoy the music and if you like it, put up your pre-order now here via Utility Tapes from Sheffield, UK.