Song_premiere A_terre

À Terre - Résurrection


Last year we raved about the EP Notre Ciel Noir by a young French post-metal band called À TERRE and thus it seems fitting that we shall present a song from their upcoming record here on VoS!

The quintet from the southwest of France of course have a deep understanding of the biggest post-metal acts like Year of No Light, Cult Of Luna or Amenra - that is very clear from listening to their music. However, singing in French should not be seen as a effort in being the most accessible band. But they are able to incorporate Gregoire’s screams so brilliantly into the mix that his vocals seem to be another musical instrument because the melody is given by the guitars not by Gregoire’s efforts.

Of course, many of you will say that they have heard this all before - but believe me, when you take those roughly 10 minutes to listen to the track we present to you today, “Résurrection” you will notice how well-trained and adapt the guys are. And on Monday you can check out the whole new EP Traversée for yourself. But for now: Enjoy the new song by À TERRE:

If you want to, you can also check out our review of their former EP Notre Ciel Noir.