Record Premiere Solar_temple_dead_neanderthals

Solar Temple & Dead Neanderthals - Embers Beget the Divine


Ah, the Netherlands. Land of windmills, cheese, canals. But also land of Psychedelic Black Metal and Avantgarde Jazz, these two things being much more important for VoS than the three former Dutch classics. And what do we get when these two musical ideas melt? Yes, we get a “classic” Dutch collaboration record by Dead Neanderthals and Solar Temple. Man, how proud we are, to premiere the whole record two days ahead of the official release date for you! Enjoy!

Welcome to the live record of the year, even though it’s story started more than three years ago, during the now famous Roadburn Redux edition, where many mighty interesting video recording were presented live and tried to emulate the experience of a normal Roadburn; heck there even was the infamous “People pretending to attend Roadburn”-Facebook group, which produced an atmosphere not close but very alike the original mood purveyed by our favorite festival. And that edition sparked the mutual love between the two acts, whose collaboration we present today, even more: For the 2022 RB edition, Dead Neanderthals and Solar Temple teamed up and recorded what we now hold in our hands entitled Embers Beget The Divine. The three tracks, between 23 and 12 minutes long, showcase what is possible if four musicians team up with an open mind and the wish to churn out something special. The result is a fiery psychedelic trip along sometimes dissonant parts, sometimes glorious harmonies - proving once and for all that everything Rene, Otto, Mink and O. set their minds to will be worth our time listening. One cannot but be astounded by the amount of musicianship and the level of skill presented here. Oftentimes we feel as if a wall of noise is rising in front of our ears, while simultaneously that same wall of pulling us closer, trying to suck us in and then the most wondrous thing happens - we do exactly that and give in. We give in, allow our bodies to sink in this warm bed of sound. Guitars abound, drums push, the vocals are hushed but present, the basslines are rough diamonds and the whole thing keeps on screaming to push the repeat button. Flawless.

The record will be out on Friday, June 14, but if you like what you hear - why not get your pre-order in now? You can do so via the Consouling Sounds webstore. For now, let yourself be pulled into the mesmerizing abyss that is Embers Beget the Divine: