Video_premiere Cmdr_rikr

CMDR RIKR - Apophenia


Our motto is still a valid idea for us - we want to push bands more into the limelight that have been left standing off-stage for too long and for whatever reason. I said it before and I will say it again - more people need to listen to CMDR RIKR and their very valid and valuable sound somewhere between Porcupine Tree and Dredg, between Oceansize and Radare! Therefore we proudly give you the premiere for a first track of their new album A Future Imperfekt today!

There is some Pink Floyd-ish grandezza in the way they turn the song from a long lost intro-idea to that synth-ladden heaviness after roughly six minutes. And the way that they combine some of these heavy 70s Prog sounds with a very post-Millennium Spacecore mindset. Sounds weird? Au contraire, ma chere! The guys from Northern Germany have a way of combining these mighty different ideas and elements into a coherent track. One will surely notice that the Proggish heaviness is not intended to overpower you, but to incite your own idea of which voyage the instrumental track leads you on. The accompanying video to “Apophenia” (conceived by Christoffer Grunau) will give you one idea for a certain journey, but of course you are always welcome to have your own mental idea. And now - enjoy CMDR RIKR’s new track and show them some love!