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Besra - Transitions


Post-Metal has seen of a decline in its classic form and an ascend when taking in elements from other genres. And then there are these bands that are simply so good at what they do, too good to ignore. Besra from Finland are one of these bands whose sound is familiar but whose ideas are much more than your regular. They mix some progressive elements into their songs and especially the great clean vocals are an amazing add-on! Therefore we are very happy to feature this interview with the band and review of Transitions you find here. Enjoy this special!

Roughly a year ago we had a video premiere here on VoS for Besra’s self-filmed session Live at R​ø​dhouse Studio and we gotta say, we were impressed. The band with roots in Finnish heroes Callisto showed a highly diverse soundscape.

And on Transitions that’s not really different. We get a lot of songs would be great on the latest records by The Ocean or even on some Opeth records. Very dense atmospheres open up with longing guitar lines reaching for the sky that then give way for dynamic patterns and a built-up that you only recognize as such when the harsher riffs kick in. A prime example for that voyage is the final track “Cries and Lamentations” which is also the longest track on the record and which transitions nicely between the harsher and more melodic, sometimes even dreamlike patterns. During the latter, the drums can shine perfectly shifting between highly different beats and licks. These journeys, these transitions are surely one of the trademarks of the record - and thus in a way also its namesake.

However, one should also be aware of the band’s capability of shredding out great riffs at any given time - just listen to the opener “Sentinels” and its pedal-to-the-shredal attitude right from the start. This is a band that knows how to write songs and they do it well. Nevertheless, there is one thing that needs to be mentioned more explicitly: The vocals are really versatile, from harsh Hardcore screams via good deep growls to melancholic clean lines - the vocals show a lot of different levels and thus are another element taking you through all the transitions they want to display.

All in all, this record with six songs and 48 minutes running time, will please many lovers of Post-Metal and also those who like some progressive aspects in their new favorite band.

If you want to know about Besra, the band’s history, the new record and just some general background information, just check out our interview below and if you want to order the record be sure to check out the their label’s website where you can also pick up stuff by other amazing Suicide Records bands like Surut, Ett Dödens Maskineri or Industrial Puke - I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!