Song_premiere Helve

Helve - Guns Heal the Sick


A new heavy sludgy Post-Metal band rises from the undercurrents of the underground: Helve will release their first full-length album, To be Forgotten on September 29th via Ripcord Records and we at Veil of Sound are premiering a brand new song from the album, “Guns Heal the Sick”.

We have been lucky enough to hear the whole album and we were flabbergasted with the record’s style. As you will discover with this premiere today, the band plays in the wake of the giants of Post Metal and do it in their own unique way. We will of course come back and write more about the full album when it is released. This track shows us a band with impeccable skills when it comes to writing and playing Post-Metal. The song is heavy and dense as it develops the melodic theme; the track revolves around with subtle changes in tonality. Like the other tracks on the album, it is varied as it slides from heavy doomy parts over to glistening wonderful high-pitched parts with gusts of Post Rock and back again. Enjoy.

You can pre-order your copy of To Be Forgotten via Ripcord Records, whom we all have to thank once again for a great release!