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TAKH - s/t


Anyone who knows VoS a little bit, knows our deep admiration for Consouling Sounds from Belgium. Not only did we do a large special with them in 2021/22 but we also love their attitude when it comes to releasing music. It’s never the same genre, it’s never the same niche, it’s spread across all genres and their releases only share one thing - a certain gloomy darkness. And the new record by TAKH shows exactly that. Enjoy our record premiere!

There are a lot of Post-Rock soundscapes on TAKH, for example when they create these vast, open spaces, for example at the beginning of the final track “Hair of a Horsetail”, when they wonderfully combine a slow steady drone with wonderful female vocals. When the track then carefully integrates some synth-lines it is as if New Wave and Gothic Metal want to hold a banquet in order to celebrate this marriage in the tune of darkness minor. The roots of the band lie in a collaboration between Annelies van Dinter and the musicians behind The Black Heart Rebellion - and these roots become even more obvious on this track, when it suddenly erupts like the volcano on Tenerife in 2022. Wait, I have only been talking about one track here, right? Well, it’s the last one and believe me - the tracks before “Hair …” are as miraculous as this grand finale! Enjoy the premiere and maybe you want to check out the pre-order at Consouling’s webstore.