Video Premiere Death_by_gong

Death by Gong - In Despair


A few weeks ago, we had an interview with METZ (which btw is still insanely “under-watched” if you ask me, because the band has been one of the best on Sub Pop for many years now) - and if you want to know why bands like METZ are relevant in 2024 check out this video premiere for one the latest bands on the criminally underrated Crazysane Records label - Death by Gong and their song “In Despair”. The lyric video for it is filled with visuals to keep your eyes blurry and the sounds are there to make your ears bleed because of the crushed candy that the trio injects into them!

METZ, Jesus Lizard and especially Helmet. These are the references you might need, if you do not want to read anymore but want to go straight for the video. For those who want to know a bit more: Imagine a track that digs deep into your ear tunnels by scratching out the little greasy bits of dirt with the help of the massive, distorted walls of sound provided by former Radare guitar player Jobst M. Feit. Chris Breuer (Heads., Zahn) on bass and Peter Voigtmann (Heads., The Ocean) on the drums, who is also producing their upcoming debut record, form the rhythm section that gives the whole track a backbone of raw energy. To be clear about this - the whole track is like a miraculous 2024-version of early 90s noisey Math-Rock. Not the Touch & Go or AmRep style, a little less punkish but with a soundscape that really shows the influence that Page Hamilton had on bands like METZ and that METZ again have on the scene today. Maybe not directly but indirectly - they showed what is possible in hard Indie-Rock or Math-Rock without going straight for the kill. “In Despair” is a great second single, promising and yet not too close to the first track they released some weeks back.

This is what singer Jobst has to say about the track: ‘In Despair’ is in many ways an extreme point in our musical spectrum and almost a counterpart to our first release ‘Distant’. It’s by far the fastest track we’ve written and recorded and has a lot of sonic characteristics that are very unique to our repertoire. It’s basically the musical equivalent of a panic attack and the lyrics are probably the most explicit and autobiographical thing I’ve written for the band so far. There’s not much room for interpretation.”

If you like the single, check out their Bandcamp account Bandcamp account where you will find another track and also keep an eye on Crazysane Records’ website in order not to miss any announcement on the full-length which is to follow this fall! And now - enjoy the video for “In Despair”!