QOYA - Stellar Session

09 Feb 2022 - Thorsten

Genre: Post-Punk, Doom


Post-Punk and Doom at first seem not to have too much in common, but they share one thing for sure: A love for the dark and the shadows. And when we look at the beginning of this video by French-band QOYA for their Stellar Session we certainly are facing that ominous feeling of dread and darkness!

The Stellar Sessions by French label Stellar Frequencies is more than yet another live session series - they try to combine special artists with special places so that in the best of cases both connect for a wonderful interdependent session that will then be published in a fitting format. And there could hartly be a better fit for such an endeavour than QOYA; their music is doomy and yet filled with a post-punk vibe and even manages to incorporate as diverse influences as Slavic and Japanese (!) folklore into their sound. Their album Yōkai from last year surely was an exceptional one in a year filled with exceptional records.

But now, not keeping you waiting any longer - enjoy the Stellar Sessions by QOYA and don’t forget to hit that order-button up at Stellar Frequencies’ Bandcamp account tomorrow when the thing will be released officially!