Wuodan's Wunde - I

10 Jan 2023 - Thorsten

For many people, Dungeon Synth and Black Metal are two completely different genres. Nevertheless, sometimes there comes an act along that can convince even those who don’t want to be convinced that both genres share several similarities. Wuodan’s Wunde from Austria is another act that can do exactly that, and thus we happily present you the new single “I” taken from the upcoming release Es glimmt empor aus ewger Nacht!

The nameless mastermind behind the band is able to create songs that achieve a long-lasting effect with just a few notes. As soon as the opener “I” starts from the depth of the nights to radiate its dark emminence one is aghast with admiration if you love at least one of the following genres: Dungeon Synth, Black Metal or Progressive Rock (from Canterbury)! The record is definitely a very early highlight for 2023 and we will have a review coming up shortly before the release is released next week on January 16. There might be people who do not like the quite lo-fi production, but blimey, the structures are so strong and mesmerizing that digging through the foggy mist is surely rewarding. That this is the first track ever written for Wuodan’s Wunde also shows the strong conceptual imagery that the nameless one had before even setting pen to paper, or in this case: riff to synth. If you do not care for any of this, okay. But do not say in twelve months that we didn’t tell you about how good this record is! And now leave me to do some more digging in Wuodan’s Wunde (the wound of Wuodan, the godfather)!