Video_premiere Bosco_sacro

Bosco Sacro - Ice Was Pure


Brittle and fragile and a voice somewhere between Beth Gibbons and Anneke van Giersbergen. That is the first impression of Bosco Sacro and their very Ambient-ladden TripHop. Enjoy our premiere of their new video!

The scope of the music, its range is small which should not be seen as a comment of the musical quality of Bosco Sacro. They band has released their record Gem exactly a year ago and now they have come up with a video for their track “Ice Was Pure” as part of the celebration of a record which might have been a bit overlooked but which really convinces with a lot of atmospheres and melancholy. The latter often being a result of Giulia Parin Zecchin whom some of you might know as Julinko.

The tracks on Gem hardly break ranks and that surely makes for a really enchanting listening session where the feeling of being welcomed by good friends, you might not have seen each other in a long time but you can still pick up right where you left without any awkwardness!

You can order the record via the Sound Cave webstoreand now enjoy “Ice was Pure” in all its minimalist glory!