Record_premiere Disminded

Disminded - The Vision


We do not often get the chance to premiere a good clean Old School Death Metal album here at Veil of Sound, which convinces us, and therefore we are honored to have one of these rarities for you: Disminded have a new record called The Vision and you can listen to it here straight away!

Of course, Death Metal has changed over the course of the last 35+ years. There have been huge developments, just as in every genre, some of them for the better, some for the worse. To sound modern yet classic is a difficult feat but Disminded from Western Germany, close to the Dutch border, are able to pull it off nicely. Their songs are raging and rampant but never dull or stupid, because there is a certain twang to it, that is deliberately Disminded. Yes, this is pedal to the metal a lot of the time, but they also give their listeners these short breaks to catch breath, to wipe away one’s sweat, to have a sip, to massage your neck or whatever you need to do, in order to be ready for the next attack! Be assured, this is a true but modern OSDM record for those who like some clarity within their chaos!

The Vision can be ordered via their label MDD Records - hopefully you are as blown away as we are.