Exit Bags - The Cost of Living


As you all know the most important thing for any music blog to deliver new stuff constantly, not only new reviews but also premieres for new music, records, videos, songs and more. This premiere is one the best in that aspect as it is by a band only a few will have heard of: Exit Bags.

Exit Bags is a project which was brought to us by a certain cartoon-like figure (;-) who told us “Hey my friend Mike has a good project you might wanna check out!” And as I value the guy’s opinion highly I gave it a listen and must tell you, it’s really good. It’s a lush combination of Ambient and Shoegaze with an eye for the thrill of crescendos. The accompanying music video to “The Cost of Living” is an exhilarating thing somewhere between the Challenger explosion and a narrative like 2001’s. The visuals are really good and fit the uplifting moments of the record very nicely. So we hope you will be keeping an eye on the upcoming Exit Bags’ debut Our Sun will Clean its Holy Wounds which is set for release via Drongo Tapes early September this year! And now enjoy “The Cost of Living”!