Thought Trials ft. Greybloom - Kintsugi

31 Jan 2022 - Thorsten

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Blackgaze

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It’s always such a nice surprise when we hear a good song that doesn’t hide its roots and origins - and man Thought Trials’ new single surely does not do that. This is blackgaze or post-rock-infused hardcore (whichever term you prefer) at its finest and the song we are premiering today is surely raising the expectations for the new album which will be released in roughly two weeks!


On “Kintsugi” Josh Martin is joined by the Texan duo of Lauren Davis and Erin Malone aka Greybloom; therefore this is an all-across-country collab as Josh lives and works in Buffalo, New York. Lauren provides extra vocals while Erin adds some nice touches on the old six-string. But there is nothing old about this track, the production is refreshingly clear and bright, the guitar motifs are really colorfully dancing with each other and the vocals are just awesome!


With this track in mind, one might be biting fingernails waiting for Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing to drop. Don’t believe me? Listen to this track!