Sutekh Hexen & Funerary Call - Perilous Shade


There are bands who are often more known for their multitude of mindblowing collabs than for their own which in many cases is not less impressive. Think of bands like The Body or Thou, but also do not forget bands Boris or Uniform, both some amazing collabs but an oeuvre that is as outstanding. Oh, and don’t forget Sutekh Hexen. They have a new collab coming in a few weeks and we present you the next single P:R:I:S:M!

Sentient Ruin and Cyclic Law release this new record by Sutekh Hexen and Funerary Call and one must say, if you need a good soundtrack for one of these horror thrillers which really play with your mind like the old Hitchcook masterpieces - then this is your go to choice, or at least it should be. Dark so that no light comes through, yet not as unforgiving as some of the Saw episodes. We are proud to give you the new single “Perilous Shade”, which certainly falls more in the Hitchcock-categorgy even though it has its noisey peaks. So in a way that track also shows both sides of the horror-ambient-scope.

The record can be pre-ordered via Sentient Ruin or via Cyclic Law. And here now the music you have all been waiting for: