Video_premiere Tired_minds

Tired Minds - The Fray of Rotted Rope (live Woodriver Studios)


It is always a fascinating thing to see bands squeeze into niches that you hadn’t noticed even existed beforehand; with Tired Minds from Newcastle (Australia, mind you, not from soulsellers’ town!) this niche is the one between Touché Amoré and Cult Leader!

As this tiny space is between two bands that do not share a lot apart from the “hardcore” label at the end of their respective versions of Hardcore this might need some explanation. Let’s start with the vocals: there is a tinge of Jeremy Bolm-likeness but at the same time it’s also with one foot in the growls business of blackened Sludge bands. However, this makes for a surely high level of intensity which is matched by the music fortunately. The way the rhythm section simply sucks you in right from the beginning of this track is more than mesmerizing, it’s quite simply a miracle, because even if you do not want to be engaged - you surely will be, as the drums and bass lines shower you with loads of speed and skills. Simultaneously the guitars are gripping right from the first note but then they take the longing, swirling road up the hill right before turning into some mathy-bypass after arriving at the peak. A kind of performance that many Cult Leader songs also display and which enhance our knowledge of how music can be crafted. The song is well laid-out and makes for a blasting, beautiful experience - not only for fans of both bands but for many more!

You can pre-order your copies of The Body is a Burden via the band’s own BC site or via the label’s website here! Wherever you buy, support your scene and enjoy the new live performance by Tird Minds!