Video Premiere Mount_logan

Mount Logan - Track 03


Doing two premieres by one and the same band or artist seems to become a thing here on VoS - a few weeks ago we gave you two VORARE premieres within a few days, and now it’s Mount Logan who were so kind to let us premiere “Track 03” after our first one 12 days ago.

Let’s make this short and simple - if you only liked the minimalist, near-ambient modulation of “Track 01”, then this rabid, scratching and biting track might be a bit too rough for you. Here you can find a psychedelic mix of 8-Bit-Synth-sounds (and video!), paired with angular guitar lines, pumping drums, mighty wall of repetitive harsh Noise-Rock. And all of that on a 16-minute-ride through Rock somewhere between Scratch Acid and Kraftwerk. Big names? Yes. Unreachable aims? Not for Mount Logan, no.


As we mentioned before, the record will be available at their record release gig in Würzburg (see poster) on Saturday and on their Bandcamp account. And now enjoy “Track 03”!