Song_premiere Tintoretto

Tintoretto - Dying Days


Is it a blessing or a curse that we are witnessing the return of several (smaller) Hardcore bands from around the millenium? We have seen the return of Bl’ast, a reunion by Gospel and there are many other bands that return nowadays. Another example of such bands seemed to be Tintoretto from Milwaukee but guess what? Yes, they are back with a release of their self-titled record.

Somewhere between Midwest-Emo, Math-Rock and Post-Hardcore you can locate Tintoretto (named after a 16th century Italian Renaissance painter); if you need band references take American Football, Don Caballero and Snapcase. They recorded only a few handful of songs and only one full-length. Now Expert Work Records is going to release that record at the beginning of June. And here comes the thing that makes such returns important for me: The band helped the label in finding the masters and then both sides quickly agreed that a simple remastering process would not be enough, so the guys went into the studio with their drummer/producer and re-recorded the whole thing which of course resulted in a much more refined state of the art kind of thing. Thus this release is like a bridge between the old release and the new re-release. And this - not simply throwing out old stuff but really reflecting on it - this is what makes such returns so important.

When listening to this track, you will see how fluid the borders between Indie, Post-Rock, Math and Hardcore were back in the day. Tintoretto gives you a prime example of why PUNK might be the best genre description ever, because genres are so difficult. But Punk is an attitude and Tintoretto’s attitude surely was/is “all systems go”! Great return, guys. Let’s not keep it at that!

You should keep an eye on Expert Work Records if you do not want to miss the pre-order!