Video_premiere Hundred_year_old_man

Hundred Year Old Man - Live at Interplay Theatre Pt. 1


Hundred Year Old Man are one of those bands that are still on the darker side of that razor-thin knife that says “breakthrough”. A band more than beloved by everyone who has ever been at one of their shows or bought one of their records - but that number is not as big as it could be. Should be. That might be about to change with their upcoming record, Sleep in Light which will be released by Consouling Sounds on June 17th, 2022.

A band that has been through a lot over the last two years, Hundred Year Old Man now seek to be mainly noticed for their music again. They had to cope the loss of several members of the band, one of them being the death of one of their former members, and on top of everything there was this little thing called pandemic. Now they are getting closer to the end of the tunnel. Whether their sound is dark and deep or light and promising - you can find out through this video which is a live recording of two songs, “I Caught A Glimpse of Myself” & “Livyatan”. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Bruce Cowie