Record_premiere Our_wrongs_many_blessings

Our Wrongs & Many Blessings - split


Feelin kinda down? A bit sad for whichever reason, if any at all? Need a little push off the throne of pitiful self-indulgence? Well, maybe the split record by Our Wrongs and Many Blessings might not be the best answer to your needs. Or maybe it is the perfect one. Enjoy our latest premiere here on Veil of Sound.

This record is a split 12” - yes, 12”! Because these two tracks combine for nearly 40 minutes of Ambient music which will keep you biting fingers nails because there seems to be something lurking behind every corner - very dark, harsh Ambient meets Noise. That the “vocals” on “Blood Congealed”, the side A by Our Wrongs, are provided by Dylan Walker from Full of Hell seems fitting. Haunting to say the very least. Side B, Many Blessings’ “International” is a bit different, because where Our Wrongs use rhythm and beats as the basis for their track, Ethan Lee McCarthy (Primitive Man, Vermin Womb) uses dissonant parts that become just as impossible to ignore. These two songs are now available via Roman Numeral which proves once again how good they are at building a roster and releasing quality Harsh Ambient / Dark Noise records that can be a helping hand because you cannot “unlisten” or that might become a haunting experience because you cannot forget that what you heard. Any way, you will probably not do anything else while listening to the record. We are proud to present the two videos for the songs, which both were done by none other than the (in)famous Eeli Helin (Fawn Limbs, Mireplaner, Fargue and numerous others) seems more than appropriate.

You can order the record now via Roman Numeral’s website and it might make you forget your negative feelings, because believe me, you can surely drown in these two songs!