Song_premiere Black_flak_and_the_nightmare_fighters

Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters - Uninvited


Alanis Morissette has written many hits over the course of her Alternative Rock career and many of us will be able to sing along to several of them. “Uninvited” is one of these and one of our favorite Post-Rock bands now took it and turned it into their own version: Thank u Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters for giving us this track and you oughtta know that we are grateful for hosting this premiere for us!

When listening to this Post-Rock version of this big hit, two things become obvious: First, how great of a singer Kate Hoffmeister is, she really does the track, its theme and its original singer justice by delivering a remarkable performance on a track which is so closely associated with Alanis that it seemed hard to imagine a different voice before this one. And second, it seems strange that no Post-Rock band has done so before because when listening to this version and then the original and this vice versa - man, it basically was made to be turned into such a version. All the pieces fit and not because of simply staying true to the original, but by turning it into a guitar-powered anthem. This way it unmistakably is “Uninvited” and BFatNF pay homage perfectly and at the same time they re-wrote it without a doubt! As the band states on their Bandcamp page, they already played this cover on tour last year and now they gave us what the people in the audience have demanded ever since: A recorded version of their version, which you can enjoy right here: