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Chris Enriquez - On the Might of Princes - Hold on to A Time


There are not a lot of rules here at VoS when it comes to what we publish and what not - but one of these rules is pretty clear: We do not have a “news segment” and we do not want to have one. But sometimes - as with our book specials - we need to break way from that rule a bit because the announcement involves something dear to our hearts and we give you a bit more. This time this little bit more is an interview with Chris Enriquez on the upcoming documentary by On the Might of Princes!

On the Might, OTMOP or simply On the Might of Princes were one of the most seminal Hardcore bands to ever come out of New York City and from Long Island in particular as they came ahead of bands like Silent Majority, Taking Back Sunday or Coheed and Cambria. And they incorporated more than their NYHC-background might have brought along, because of the various influences the band members brought in. Now there is a documentary about the band that their last drummer Chris Enriquez (also known for his work in Spotlights and as the drummer in Julie Christmas’ live band) put together in order to talk about the band, its history, its evolutionary steps and also - about their singer. Jason Rosenthal was a Long Island kid and yet, he outgrew that surroundings soon and became a kind of forebearer of what became a quintessential Emocore singer, with strength and fragility in his voice, with the prowess of a Hardcore shouter and the skills of an Emo singer. Unfortunately the band’s history, and Jason’s history are not a sparkling one but one of up’s and down’s.

The new documentary will be shown this week Thursday at the Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg and even though this screening is sold out, additional screenings/streaming plans are in the works! And not enough of the good news, as On the Might of Princes will play their first shows this Friday, at 6pm, at The Brooklyn Monarch with Iron Chic and Freezing Cold (almost sold out) and on Saturday at Amityville Music Hall with The Backup Plan and Somerset Thrower (is also almost sold out). You can witness the band’s first live shows since 2012 and with their new singer Rachel Rubino, so if you were not a part of their first incarnation’s history, now is your chance to become a part of their second incarnation’s future!

We spoke with Chris about all of this in length and in detail and we are sure, that EVERY Hardcore kid will love this interview as much as head honcho Thorsten loves OTMOP, On the Might or On the Might of Princes!

(Photo Credit: Dangitbee)