Video_premiere Kahrmalia

Kahrmalia - Here I Stand and Face the Rain


Cover Versions are always a difficult topic because of the necessity of changing but not changing too much. Which elements need be kept, which can be thrown away? Change the tonality or stick with it? Shall it be an homage or a total rebuilt? And that’s only the theoretical aspect before the execution. Kahrmalia did a good cover of an a-ha track and thankfully it’s not “Take On Me”, that track is dead. We give you Kahrmalia’s new single!

“Here I Stand and Face the Rain” was released as the last track on a-ha’s Hunting High and Low back on June 1st, 1985. And therefore it got a lot of exposure albeit never being as popular as “Take On Me” or “The Sun Always Shines on TV”. Now Italian Gothic Metal project Kahrmalia covers “Here I Stand and Face the Rain” and does pretty good job! Although staying true to the original most of the time he changes tonality and transfers the track nicely into a dark, modern Gothic setting somewhere. Enjoy!