Song_premiere Kohlrabenschwarz

Kohlrabenschwarz - Im Finstren Tal


There are some bands in the German Black Metal scene that should have become really big and whose output never faltered even though they never became as well-known as they should. One of these bands was/is Lunar Aurora. After the band announced their hiatus, songwriter Constantin König played in some more experimental bands and is now back with a new Atmospheric Black Metal project called Kohlrabenschwarz. Its debut record Im Finstren Tal will be released on Friday via House of Inkantation and you can listen to it in full here on VeilofSound!

Im Finstren Tal (“in the dark valley”) starts furiously and shows a very deep understanding of the classic Black Metal scene of the 80s and 90s - but then again, what should one expect from someone who’s been part of the scene for more than 30 years now and who started Lunar Aurora at the beginning of the 90s? Nevertheless, the way that Kohlrabenschwarz (“Coal Black as the Raven”) change from small breathing sections back into classic furor within a matter of seconds and without these parts sounding like illogically arranged elements or even disturbing sequences is breathtaking. Need proof? Then listen to the opening track “Der Weg nach Unten” (“The Way Downwards”) and you will surely get what I mean.

And when the guys show a certain love for some Grunge elements as on the second track “Tundra”, then 90s kid Thorsten is in heaven (or hell?!) because this combination is not heard too often. The guys also ingrain their sound with some Dark Folk passages or intros - e.g. the short track “Am Ende der Nacht” (“At the End of the Night”) - and all of that goes hand in hand with the intention behind Im Finstren Tal. The title already explains it - we are all wandering through the dark nights of our soul and we should never be afraid of telling people about it because only then can we get help and arrive at the next morning’s sunrise. These introspective ideas and moments are surely not to be taken lightly but rather with a lot of open-mindedness in order to either be the guiding light for one in need or to be the one who accepts the darkness and asks someone for help.

Im Finstren Tal is a debut album showing its roots, clear on its purpose and ideas, musically variable and diverse and surely something to get us through some dark hours. If it doesn’t and you notice the permanence of the darkness around you - please seek some help which surely will be provided. Kohlrabenschwarz’ is out on Friday via House of Inkantation and you can get your orders in via the band’s BC or via the label’s page where you can also get some other great records from acts like Mosaic or Zwischenlichten or also RHÛN (whom we had on our show a few weeks ago). And now enjoy Im Finstren Tal!