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DOR - Horowitz


Anyone who hears the word Italy first thinks about any combination of the following: Gelato & espresso, the sun & the beach, Roma & Venice , Pizza & Pasta - some of the nerdier ones amongst us may also think about the thriving Post-Metal or Doom or Stoner scenes. Not many remember that Italy also has a high quality dark folk scene - think of bands like Nero Kane (review here) and others. Others like DOR whose video we want to premiere for you today

The record is dark, the sound is brittle, the video is disturbing - because who has the courage to show such a dysfunctional family? DOR do and their video for “Horowitz” is a perfect example of how one can interpret such a dark soundscape. It is in some ways a really intriguing piece of art because it seems like taken straight from the 1920s or ’30s and yet the music is too clear for that. So watch the video, enjoy the music and if you want to, In Circle can be ordered here - enjoy another side of Italy!