Song_premiere Crepitation Vicious_entwattering

Crepitation - Vicious Entwattering of Obstinant Nepotistic Shithouses


Yes, this might usually not be the genre we are most commonly known for, but we simply couldn’t resist declaring an affection for Brutal Death Metal. And Crepitation from the UK are a great way of showing that love - therefore we are happy to present you with this premiere today!

A genre defined by its forerunners from the 90s, Brutal Death Metal (or Deathcore) in the vein of Anal C*** oder Brutal Truth but also more modern acts like VoidCeremony, 7.H Target or Fatuous Rump. The new track “Vicious Entwattering of Obstinant Nepotistic Shithouses” is exactly what the title hints at. No barriers, no obstacles, no pauses. The track starts with a few atmospheric, single rim-kicks and then it’s off to the races! If you like this track you should mark June 23, when Vicious Instinct Records will release Crepitation’s new full-length Monstrous Eruption of Impetuous Preposterity. You can pre-order from the label or from Crepitation’s Bandcamp page.