Video_premiere Cultro

Cultro - Manifestation


The Italian Post Metal band Cultro will release a new album on March 21st, and we are premiering one song from that album, ”Manifestation”. Once more the band seeks inspiration from more than two thousand years back with a new release called Nerthus. It is inspired by a text by Roman historian Tacitus dating back to 98 AD and documenting an obscure divinity and its manifestation to the world, its sacred festivals, and the final ritual wash of the goddess icon in a secluded lake, in which everyone involved would see his life ended as a seal on the cult’s secrets.

Back in 2021, we were awed by their album Phlegethon, a visionary and inventive Post Metal release you can read about here. As you will hear, the new song develops the band´s sound and textures more. The song is heavy with down-tuned riffs and low-end bass pushing us towards the Manifestation, the vocals are deep and alluring. There are breathers with clean guitars and the heavy parts are diverse with deep and vast-reaching sonics – it is as mighty as previous releases.

The band filmed an informative and interesting video-interview with us last year, and you can see that: here. Additionally, keep a watch at their Bandcamp page for the complete record to drop soon!