thisquietarmy x away - Phase I & II

18 Oct 2021 - Thorsten

Genre: Drone Metal


One year after its original release, the trance-inducing Drone-Metal collaboration between thisquietarmy and Away sees both “Phases” of the story being released together. The accompanying video can now be seen on Veil of Sound!

When we were talking with Consouling Sounds about some artists that really made a difference, they - among others - mentioned thisquietarmy, the Drone artist whose records have been released on Consouling for quite a while now. 2020 saw the “surprise release” of a collaboration with Away, another solo project of not less importance for the genre. And of course, when two such exceptional artists collaborate, nothing “normal” can come from it. The two released a so-called “Sci-Fi-Drone-Metal” album, and as strange as it may sound at first, the description fits: The sounds seem as if recorded outside a spaceship looking into the vessel whose sounds are being put to tape so that you hear a certain metallic element, a scratching or gliding of metal over metal all the time. The project was released in two “Phases” and now those two are combined in one two-CD package by Consouling Sounds, which you can pre-order here:

And here is the video for the track “Alpha 0000 0011” by thisquietarmy x Away: