Video_premiere Vaegtlos

Vægtløs - Aftryk


If there is one thing that basically all VoS-members can agree on, then it’s atmosphere. A good record is more than just chords, beats, screams and more - it has something that we can only label as consistent atmosphere and stays true to itself. The genre is not that important, not even that the band sticks to one all the way through - again the atmosphere is much more important. Aftryk by Aalborg, Denmark-based quartet Vægtløs is such a record, full of mood and atmosphere. Therefore we are proud to give you today’s video premiere!

With this premiere of “Tag dit knuste hjerte og lav det til kunst” we kickstart the Vægtløs-week, so you should keep your eyes open this week and enjoy what the band and we have laid out for you. This song also embodies the band and their idea of what Blackened Post-Hardcore should sound like. Full of atmosphere, epic structures and vocals to make your innermost core shake. Songs and topics that lay ahead of and beyond Touché Amoré’s opus magnum Stage Four. The four songs deal with the death, its unavoidability and the necessity of coping with it, coming to terms with it, accepting it. The way the guys wrap these topics into energetic, motivating yet also meaningful and contemplating structues shows clearly why this band was able to strike a deal with 46 labels worldwide in order to produce this record. Enjoy “Tag dit knuste hjerte og lav det til kunst” and keep your eyes open in the upcoming days!