Song_premiere Empusae

Empusae ft. Peter Bjärgö - Overwhelming Cruelty


Empusae aka Nicolas van Meirhaeghe is one of these artists who is one of the best at what he is doing and still not enough people acknowledge the sheer power of his craft. Thus, that needs to be changed and if we here at Veil of Sound can do anything about it – let’s do it! Therefore we are proud to give you the premiere of his next single – this time a collaboration with Doom-infused vocalists Peter Bjärgö!

The way that the soundscapes is slowly building and evolving into a near Synthpop-track from the dangerous side of the 90s is remarkable. The way that Peter’s vocals fit to this cinematic and fast, slow-paced and echoingly pulsating track – that’s bewitching to say the least. These ten minutes fly by so fast and it feels a bit as if we were watching one of the soundtrack-geniuses behind the synths weave their magic, be it Vangelis (with a bit less pompousness yet more depth) or Giorgio Moroder (with less drive but more magic). That only shows how good Nicolas is at what he does – and ”Overwhelming Cruelty” is yet another proof for his skills! Interestingly this second collaboration between the two has developed contrarily to the first one – when Nicolas added his layers onto Peter’s vocals the first time, this time Peter added his vocals to Nicolas’ final tracks.

The result is Onus, their second album, out on Consouling Sounds on March 29, so if you like this track, don’t forget to get your pre-order in via Consouling Sounds’ webstore. And now enjoy the track that many should have been waiting for, because these guys are masters at what they do!