Video_premiere Eave

Eave - Mirroring


Sometimes there are these labels that are so ultimately devoted to a specific genre of music that they might become like a staple on and of it its own - Bindrune Recordings is such a staple label for Atmospheric (American) Metal and Eave from Connecticut are one reason for it. “Mirroring” and its accompanying video are promising a lot for the new record Fervor - enjoy today’s premiere!

One of the calmest and somehow most soothing videos for a Black Metal song to be seen in a long while with nothing but simple shots of mother nature in the rural New England setting the band comes from, “Mirroring” is somewhat of a strange experience as the music definitely has its calm and soothing moments, but at first glance there seems to be a dichotomy between music and image, but when watching again, one notices how well both overlap. Need a hint? Take a good look at minute 4:01 and onwards because there is some kind of wonderful combination there and that is certainly no coincidence. The way that light and music intertwine and even become somehow co-dependent - really well done. In general one should also notice how good the song is, even though this is typical for Bindrune - good music! This is some mighty good Atmospheric Black Metal song with depth and meaning and it should be enough to make many of you follow this link here and pre-order Eave’s third full-length, because, be assured, the rest of the record can keep up with this intriguing song! Enjoy!