Record Premiere Vorare_and_earthflesh

Vorare & Earthflesh - Rope Tower


NO! You are not mistaken, we have yet another VORARE premiere for you this month! And this time it is the premiere of the whole record they will be releasing with Earthflesh on Friday. Whether you “enjoy” this tour de force or not is up to you, but you will probably not be able to do something but listen simultaneously to this record!

Well, VORARE are surely doing some thing in rather unusual ways. And that is not only referring to their absence for a few years which they are now breaking with not one but two record released in seven days - remember Voyeur for which we gave you the premiere of their second single “Vacuous”. No their music is also still on the rather unusual side of things. And when teaming up with Swiss Harsh Electronic Noise artist Earthflesh it becomes even more chaotic while retaining that inexplicable pull-factor. Earthflesh, or Bruno Silvestre Favez, adds some mighty chaotic soundscapes, horror-bent glitches, distortion, white noise and sheer volume - or to put in a nutshell: He adds The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Vertigo, more blatant, violent excess to a previously somewhat subdued threat. And yes, in this context, this is a great thing! When listening to an Earthflesh track it becomes crystal clear, why this former member of Rorcal is a sought after collaborator who has already been featured here on VoS twice, once for his collab with his former bandmates in Rorcal and once we presented his his collab with Eyerolls. When listening to all of these, his approach to music becomes quite clear - it can be straight to the face or hidden from plain view, but he is always ready to throw in a butcher’s knife to slice up a song before it becomes to pleasant. In that way him teaming up with the two Finns in Vorare makes perfect sense as they are able to disrupt a song also pretty quickly and at short notice.

Just listen to that sea rescue mission alert that is the second track “Seepage”: Industrial Metal beats meet chunky chugga chugga Blackened Noise and then they throw in some Nintendo-like 8-Bit-sounds, some wallowing Wall of Sound elements, cymbals going berserk, electronic percussion that might be the last thing the people on Battlestar Galactica hear before the whole thing is destroyed by the Cylons. When the next track, “Haswell” starts, this is less of a Sci-Fi thing but more of a Haunted House-nightmare with a huge hound hunting you down because you are the last heir in a long line of enemies but it might also be set in a lighthouse on a faraway island where they might or might not do lobotomies on patients who know too much. Whichever of the five tracks you listen to - each will give you a spinechilling moment that you won’t forget that quickly! That - in itself - is an achievement that not many will shake off easily.

The record will be out this Friday, May 31, and you can already get your pre-order up here on their Bandcamp account. Give Voyeur a spin as well because maybe you might get two awesome records there! And now “enjoy” Rope Tower!”