Lucia - AOTY 2023


Рожь - Bcë

Black Metal Reflection Nebula 2023-01-02

To me, this album sounds like what it would be like to take part in a ritual. A mix of atmospheric black metal and blackgaze, like only Vladimir Frith can do it. His voice almost sounds like it’s part of a choir, and then it transforms into something intense. All of this almost takes you into the Russian forests, hearing and smelling the wood cracking in the fire. It was definitely an amazing album from start to finish.

Calligram - Position | Momentum

Black Metal Prosthetic Records 2023-07-14

This album is one of those that begins with a brutal and agonising force that does not rest. Since I heard it for the first time, I knew it was going to be on my 2023 list. That perfect mix of black metal and crust that Caligram makes creates intensity and vulnerability. From start to finish, a perfect album.

Ikarie - Arde

Doom 2023-03-17

Ikarie is one of those bands that has a very special place in my heart. Since I first listened to their previous album, ‘Cuerpos en Sombra’, they’ve become a part of my day-to-day life, almost essential. With ‘Arde’, Ikarie transformed their sound into this heavy doom that goes from an Anathema vibe to a more dense funeral doom vibe. In this album, they transform the rage and pain from their previous album into something beautiful and powerful. They are one of those bands that always manage to create a story that connects everything with such beauty, so effortlessly.

Reverence to Paroxysm - Lux Morte

Death Metal Me Saco Un Ojo Records 2023-08-31

There’s a certain elegance in the way Reverence to Paroxysm plays Death-Grind. Their sound is macabre, heavy, and done so well—the type of sound that captivates you from the moment their first chords start to play and it demands your attention. I can’t wait to hear more from this band.

Great Falls - Objects Without Pain

Hardcore Neurot Recordings 2023-09-15

Great Falls is one of the bands that I have followed for years, and every album they release is great. This band has members who come from hardcore bands like Kiss It Goodbye and Undertow. With ‘Objects Without Pain’ they achieve a sludge sound with various textures and layers, with heartbreaking screams that give life to the story of a separation. This album, for me, is like taking a hammer and breaking every object around without mercy just to release anger and pain.

Song of the year: Majesties - Sidereal Spire

Concert/festival of the year: Ultha at Reaper Fest back in July. Love this band and the first time I saw them play live. Such an amazing and intense set that will forever be remembered.

Best record cover: Ikarie - Arde

Albums we should’ve covered:

Fossilization - Leprous Daylight

Loather - Eis

Tenhi - Valkama

Throat - We Must Leave You

Wayfarer - American Gothic