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CMDR RIKR - A Future Imperfekt


Many people care about Prog-Rock and modern Prog-Metal, many others don’t. Some people care about Art-Rock (for example from the early 80s) - others don’t. Not enough people care about a band like Dredg, while sometimes too many love the music Steven Wilson comes along with. All of these variables should be spoken to by the new record A Future Imperfekt by Northern Germany-based CMDR RIKR. Thus we give you a full record premiere for the five tracks out tomorrow!

We have been heaping praise onto the band from Oldenburg for many moons now and we still can’t get enough of that wonderful duff…ah wait sound. There is always a certain warmth behind the tracks that seems to share the same intensity as mid-phase Dredg songs (think of the Catch Without Arms-era) or a tinge of the classic Wish You Were Here-period of a certain English band. There is a kind of respect for some of the hollow, intense, and twisted sounds of the grand godfathers of Prog-Rock whose often synth or keys-ladden passion is audible on A Future Perfekt.

Yet on the other side there is certain crunsh and muscularity to some parts of these five great songs that one should please not discount them as a kind of “impostors of a special decade in rock” because they’re not. For as much respect as they clearly show here for bands like Floyd, Crimson or Genesis, Yes, ELP or Tull - there is also a clear love for bands like Dream Theater of Porcupine Tree, DTP or Haken, Opeth or Pain of Salvation. Thus you can find some more complex parts married to several moments which show that the guys behind this still not popular enough band have a knack for melody AND muscle.

A Future Imperfekt will be released tomorrow and all you Neo-Classic Prog-Metal fans out there - grab’em while they’re hot!