Song Premiere Papangu

Papangu - Lampião Rei


A few years ago, I was somewhat devastated because trying to come up with a good and well-grounded AOTY always make me shiver, and when I was introduced to Papangu’s last masterpiece Holoceno it came a few days before XMas, when my list for 2021 was already out and about. Thus this Brazilian masterpiece had not been included, for the hanged man’s sake. However, the guys are about to release a new record (in September, thankfully) and we are more than happy to present their first single “Oferenda no Alguidar” exclusively on Veil of Sound!

The record is the result of the transatlantic project with loads of fascinating people contributed to an already mighty interesting soundscape, loads of proggy elements - King Crimson and Magma are sparkling in the not-so-far-away distance - and all in all, one cannot but give in to the guys’ ability to blend all of that with their cultural roots. While Holoceno was a rather dreamy thing to begin with, Lampião Rei is much more earthy, much more realistic as it is based on the true story of the legendary Brazilian bandit Lampião. This concept will be narrated across two records, this one and the next (YEAH!!!) and has been on the band’s list of projects since the inception of Papangu, so they had quite some time to come up with musical equivalents. The aforementioned list of special guests include Marian Sarine (Deafkids), João Kombi (Test), Andrea P. (Ad Nauseam), Philippe Bussonnet (Magma, One Shot), and Paulo Ró (Jaguaribe Carne), so one can be sure that we will get a mighty eclectic mix again, something that the six-piece should be known for by now. Whether you have listened to Papangu before or not - you should not miss this record!

The record will distributed via Repose Records and can be ordered from their shop or from the band’s own Bandcamp account but for now you can enjoy Papangu’s new single exclusively here on Veil of Sound! Enjoy and this time we got no excuse not to include these guys in the AOTY lists!