Song_premiere_kollapse Anaemia



Breach are Cult of Luna are two of the most iconic Swedish Post-Metal names ever. There have been loads since, one only needs to think of The Moth Gatherer or Norna. And from next week on, many of us need to think of KOLLAPS\E, because they will release their first full-length on January 13. And to give you an idea why we should bear KOLLAPS\E in mind we give you their second single “Anaemia” as an exclusive premiere! Enjoy!

Daniel Wallenborg from KOLLAPS\E surely knows how to persuade people with kindness and persistence - but let’s be honest, those things only get you this far in the music business. To get you over the threshold you need good songs and KOLLAPS\E surely has them in abundance. Also because their new album Phantom Centre doesn’t always go in for the heaviness-kill, but also is able to create a really nice mood in the background - and that doesn’t always have to be ultra-heavy. “Anaemia”, today’s premiere here on VoS, is a good example for that, as the background melody is somewhere between Doom and Psychedelic and thus a warm carpet for everything that follows! So, remember to listen to KOLLAPS\E next week Friday and for now, enjoy the second single off of Phantom Centre: