Premiere Endlings Fragil

Endlings - Fragil


There are opportunities one should simply has to take. When we were approached by Whited Sepulchre Records if we wanted to do the song premiere by Endlings we were flabbergasted. The contributors that form this project are so well-known and well-respected in the underground community that we simply could not but in a flash agree to do it.

Endlings is a project by John Feinberg, who is one of the guys behind avantgarde-noise-institution Deerhof, and Raven Chacon, a Native American artist of Diné ancestry who has been contributing his works to famous projects like the Kronos Quartet. For their record Human Forms they collaborated with percussionist Marshall Trammell, the artwork has been created by Iranian artist Babak Shahsiah.

When listening to their record, it is clear from the very first moment that the contributors are all highly-skilled musicians who are masters at creating sound installations that are equally based on noise and avantgarde and then result in modern neo-classical music. You will find long compositions of wonderful free-form flows that alternate with short bursts of energy and cacophony. The atmosphere changes between sheer devastation to radiant elegance, even though it is not relying on grand instrumentation or simple three chord structures. Both extremes – crunching and uplifting moments – are often created through micro-tonal activities that one should neither try to replay nor understand.

Enjoy Fragil, whose name is nothing but pure irony as the song is anything but fragile, it is one of the most powerful moments on the whole record!