Record_premiere Ojerum

øjeRum - Colied Souls


There is one thing that I love about writing and working for Veil of Sound and it’s the utter scope of stuff we put out here. Let’s have a look at the last things I wrote about: Doom Metal, Oriental-infused Psych-Rock, Extreme Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore. So what has to come next? Of course - the premiere of an album full with Minimalist Shoegaze, Folk, bits of Ambient and all of that based on some really good singer-songwriter foundations. No, we are not talking about a new drowse-album, although I would love to premiere anything by Kyle Bates, but a new record by øjeRum.

Paw Grabowski is a Copenhagen-based artist who likes to work with collage techniques and has found a unique style of layering instrument upon instrument upon instrument. He has done so for more than 15 years now and one thing is also very clear: he’s a man with an artistic vision, because his releases all share a cover with a human head, never the same head, never the same part of the head, but always a part of the depiction of a person’s face. In some ways that also describes his vast oeuvre (more than 60 releases listed on Discogs alone): His music is able to very quickly connect with the audience on a rather illogical and inexplainable level, because there is nothing new about this mix - A Mote of Dust, drowse or Cremation Lilly have all done similar things. But the Paw’s vocal melodies, the somewhat lo-fi production of his songs and the little imperfections all make us feel as if we are sitting on his bedside while he is constructing these soundscapes and songs.

Coiled Souls can be ordered via Roman Numeral - we hope you enjoy this very intimate record.