Song_premiere Mesmur Refraction

Mesmur - Refraction


A song like “Refraction” is hard to forget, because the mix of Prog Metal solos, Funeral Doom atmosphere and Neo-Classical structures is quite overpowering without meaning to and at the same time also pretty cleverly arranged. So listen to the latest premiere here on Veil of Sound - Mesmur’s new single “Refraction”!

It is always interesting to hear what musicians have to say about their work, so let’s “hear” what guitarist and synth wizard Jeremy has to say: “I’m excited to unveil ‘Refraction’ as the second single from our new album Chthonic, in the form of a lyric video. Not only is it one of our most unusual songs in terms of its harmonies and structure, it’s also one of my favorites lyrically. It tells a story that’s based on a real experience of someone close to me, an experience from the surreal and in this case quite terrifying region between sleeping and waking, dream and reality. We hope you enjoy it.” If you want to find out what he is talking about - watch the lyric video below! But beware - the spacey synths, the mighty structures and on top of that the cool story - you might find yourself pressing the repeat button over and over again!

You can pre-order your your copy of Chthonic via the webshop of Aesthetic Death records - a mesmerizing thing of Neo-Classical beauty with the means of Funeral Doom and Prog Rock