Video_premiere Spread_the_disease

Spread the Disease - Tragedies


How often do we wonder where certain genres or trends come from, but cannot find a real answer? Well, it’s nearly impossible, right? But surely one can find some of the earliest roots if just looking for it? Yes. For example with Blackened Hardcore, one of the earliest examples is Spread the Disease from Ontario. The Canadians have a new record out soon and we are happy to present the previously unreleased song!

Tragedies is a collection of formerly hard to find releases like the This Blood Ridden Tragedy 7” (originally out on Undecided Records), the split 7” with Song Of Zarathustra (originally released on Witching Hour Records), as well as songs from their appearance on the Fast N Bulbous Hardcore show on CHRY Toronto</i>! All of those are gems that show how StD early on in the 90s already had this mix which would become highly popular later on. Nevertheless, the guys around Dave Buschemeyer never proudly padded themselves on the shoulders and stagnated, no their soundscapes were always bloody sharp and harsh and they were able to knock up the metallic edge at any moment’s notice! This band basically was a trainwreck and we might recognize their importance only in hindsight but that doesn’t mean these guys were not the cream of the crop back in the early days when the young genre still looked to lock up its sound-tropes. These Canadians set several of them!

You can pre-order your copy of Tragedies via Moment of Collapse Records for Europe or King of the Monsters’ webstore here right now, and beware - this disease is addictive may raise hell!