Song_premiere Gnaw_their_tongues

Gnaw Their Tongues - The Departure of Light


How the heck can one single guy have such a vast output and still keep such an amazing high-quality level? Don’t really have an answer for that, but Maurice De Jong, the mastermind behind so many amazing projects, has done it again with the new release by his (maybe) most famous “band” Gnaw Their Tongues. This time the sound is very industrial, very noisey and yet in a strange way unmistakably Gnaw Their Tongues!

Gnaw Their Tongues has always been a bit of a mystery because it has always been a “Black Metal” project at heart but open to so many influences that it sometimes seems hard to put it into one box only. That can already be seen by his amazing collaboration he did with Crowhurst (the main project of our beloved Jay Gambit). This track here is also already a bit different from the first pre-released track “Salvation Body”. While the latter is much broodier based on a single, simple keyboard-line in minor tunes, “The Departure of Light” is more on the breakbeat side of things. However, the blackened Noise elements surely unite both tracks and we can only fathom how good of a record “The Cessation of Suffering” is gonna be! The record is gonna be out via Consouling Sounds and you can get your pre-order up now!

You can now get your pre-order up for The Cessation of Truth which you can do herehere and while you are at it - why not order a copy of the amazing Endlingr-record (the pre-order for Tra) also out on Consouling Sounds!